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Our company is a family business in the transport industry with many years of experience. We have been working on the Polish market since the 90s. In 2006, we also started to specialise in the timber trade, as well as provide carpentry, technical and consultancy services. Our offer includes sawn timber, roof framework, wood paneling, boards, battens, clapboards and floor boards. Our timber yard is located in Goździówka, near Stanisławów in the district of Mińsk.

Our partners are leading companies in the construction and wood industry which allow us to provide services of the highest quality. Our employees and partners are qualified, competent individuals with extensive knowledge, providing our customers with professional advice and assistance at any given time. We continue to develop and improve our business in the building material industry. The idea behind running our company is primarily providing our customers with satisfaction and contentment, which at the same time is our guarantee of success.


Trust professionals


We offer

Sale of timber and carpentry services. We also specialise in providing technical and advisory services. Our offer includes:

Construction sawn timber

Joinery timber


Panelling boards

Façade boards

Terrace boards


Transport of materials

We also offer our transport, which allows us to fulfill orders quickly. For larger orders, if the distance from the Timber Yard does not exceed 30 km, the cost of transport is included in the price. In other cases, the price of transportation is negotiable!

Raw material

Pine and spruce wood we offer comes from the pristine National Forests, which have been given numerous certificates showing their compliance with Forest Stewardship Principles such as the sustainable use of forest resources, protection of nature and respect for the rights of people associated with forest areas.



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